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Forum Rules

Postby PaulDesmond » Tue Aug 20, 2013 9:45 am

The breach of any rule will be taken seriously. Generally all users will have 1-3 warnings before a ban, depending on the severity of their actions. After a maximum of 3 warnings you will be issued a permanent ban without any chances to return. Some rules are exempt from this and bans will be issued on a first time basis. Please make sure you read the rules carefully and follow them fully.

These rules may be updated and changed at any time. Changes will be reported on the forum. It is your responsibility to make yourself aware of all rule changes by reading forum announcements.


Grammar and Spelling
- All content on the forum must be written in the English language, and must be done so with proper spelling and grammar. Incomprehensible posts will be removed and the user reprimanded.

Insults, Flaming and Language
- You may not insult any individual, groups of individuals, organizations, etc, regardless of their affiliation with this forum. This includes threats, flames and alike behavior against the same.
- You may not use bad language such as swearing. Deliberate avoidance of the swear filter (by character replacement or variation of spelling etc) is also forbidden.
- You may not accuse someone of creating, managing or distributing improperly modified files (fakes). Contact a moderator and make a full report if you have proper proof.
Break this rule and receive a 7 day temporary ban. Break it again and get a permanent ban.

Spam (pointless and irrelevant posts)
- You may not link to irrelevant personal websites, blogs, "click-me-to-win" links.
- You may not post single "response"-posts such as "wow", "thanks", "I have one of those!", "Great tutorial. I needed it." etc. This also includes single images or avatars as a reply.
- You may not reply to any post identified as spam.
- Keep "What does your...?" / "What is your favorite...?" type topics sensible and try to keep them interesting.

Off Topic (posts not related to the subject in the thread)
- You may not post irrelevant replies to a main topic.
- You may not change the topic in a thread. Make a new topic if you want to discuss something else.

Double Posting, Topic Bumping and Old Topics
- You may not reply to your own post (double post). You may edit your last post if you were the last poster, but only if your post is not older than 3 days old.
- You may not reply to any topic older than than 3 days where you are the author and it has had no replies (also known as bumping).
- You may not reply to a post older than 90 days (3 months) or more.

Unacceptable material, Fake Files
- You may not post links to resources containing any warez, porn/erotic sites or materials designed to provoke a shocking response. Resources includes (but not limited to) web sites, torrents, kazaa links, FTP servers, DC hubs etc.
- You may not request or distribute or link to improperly modified files (fakes). This includes screenshots and partial releases.
- You may not request, distribute or link to cracks, key generators or any patches that modifies or removes copy protections or generates working license numbers.
- You may not post torrent links on the forum.
- You may not link to or distribute releases that include cracks or that have the natural protections (timebombs etc) removed. This includes any custom projects.

Unacceptable Topics/Posts
- You may not make any post relating to you leaving the community, either temporarily or permanently, due to the flaming and disturbances they cause. Any such topic will be met with a 1 month temporary ban for your trouble.
- You may not make any posts regarding unleaked material you possess unless you are willing to share the material with users. This causes flame wars and is against the nature and atmosphere of the site.

Locked Topics
- You may not make a duplicate post if your first topic was locked. Topics are locked to prevent further discussion about the subject. Reason for topic locking is available at the end of the thread.

Images and the Image Uploader
- You may not hotlink any image from an external source. Upload the image to the Image Uploader and use the link returned. This also includes signatures and avatars. Animated gifs are supported by the image uploader.

- You may not use signatures exceeding the dimensions of 600x150 pixels (width/height) and more than 100KB in file size. This also includes the combined dimensions and file size of multiple images.
- You may not use signatures that include information or format that violates any other rule.
- You may not use more than 2 text lines in the signature, and it must not upset the layout of the website. If combined with an image, text lines are limited to 1. Use proper text color and font sizes.
- You may use BBCode in your signatures as long as they follow the same rules as posts. Links to your personal twitter/facebook etc are allowed.
- You may not use any dead links or inappropriate contents containing (but not limited to) racist, sexual, political or religious remarks.
- You may not advertise in your signature. Keep this for your profile link. You may ask people to visit your site by clicking on your profile link.

The use of Proxies
- The use of proxies to access this website is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught using a proxy will have their account removed without warning.

- You may not moderate any forum unless you are an authorized My-PC-Expert moderator. This includes (but not limited to) threatening members of ban, threatening a member of getting his topic locked etc.
- You may not discuss or argue your opinion about a moderators decision openly in the forum. If you are unhappy about a decision contact the moderator directly by Private Message.

Impersonation and Multiple Accounts
- You may not impersonate any other user or persons from the past or present. Doing so will result in an instant permanent ban.
- You may not have more than one account on the forum at any time. Doing so will result in an instant permanent ban.
- You may not have your user-name changed on the forum. The one you sign up with is the one you will keep for the length of your time on the forum. Choose it wisely.

If you feel any user is in violation of any of these rules, please contact a moderator or admin.

VIP Section is by invitation only at this moment. Qualifying for this forum is not bundled to any charges in any way
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